The Research Centre for Legal Expertise

The autonomous non-commercial organization “the Research Centre for Legal Expertise” was established on May 28, 2021, for the purpose of assisting public authorities in tackling the law-making challenges, supporting business and nonprofit sector with regard to the evaluation of legal foundations of their activity and its compliance with the relevant legislative trends as well as for the purpose of developing the institute for legal expertise as an indispensable element of the effective law-making process.

The major activities of the Centre cover the arrangement of legal expert research, including the comprehensive assessment of the current legislation and draft normative legal acts, analysis of trends and prospective changes of legal regulation as well as the elaboration of proposals to improve it.

The harmonious development of legal system cannot be attained without the independent analytical support of the law-making process. In this regard the legal expertise resolves a wide range of issues, essential for the law-making process, thus, making it possible to enhance the quality of legislative acts and effectiveness of the subsequent law enforcement.

The activities of the Research Centre for Legal Expertise encompass the arrangement of scientific and applied studies of the Russian and international law in different realms with the use of the comparative
and legal approach to the assessment of normative regulation; expert analysis of legislative initiatives and draft normative legal acts; elaboration of concepts on the improvement of legislation, taking into account the global regulatory trends.

The Research Centre for Legal Expertise puts a great emphasis on the implementation of educational programs and arrangement of practical training courses, devoted to the professional conduct of legal expert research of normative legal acts and their draft projects.

The detailed information on the Research Centre for Legal Expertise is available on the website