Management Consulting

Smart management is based on the experience and comprehensive awareness of the decision-making process context. We build management scenarios models providing a client with transparent and complex capability map based on the collection and analysis of developed information from expert and insider sources. Baikal Communications Group works with the leading Russian experts in governance, in a short time creates project teams to ensure sustained development and crisis cases resolution. Our company works both with global tasks and with individual projects or directions. We ensure reliability and long term management solutions.

We offer:

  • Managing of the changes on the market and factors that affect corporate activities
  • Strategic management decision making support for top management
  • Elaborating a company’s strategy, organizing strategic sessions
  • Commercial strategies in sales and products
  • Audit and business plans
  • Recommendations on how to reduce expenditures and maximize business effectiveness: expenditures and procurement optimization, logistic chain management, working capital management; pricing, sales and promotion; optimization of business processes, including through the introduction of IT systems
  • Project and project office management
  • Organizational engineering: organizational structure audit and modeling
  • Staff management: motivation system, HR optimization, management skills architecture
  • Finance management: performance audit, fund and liquidity management, investment management, financial modeling, financial statements
  • Change management: implementing changes and knowledge management
  • Risk management: offsetting strategic, operational, financial and reputational risks by controlling key indicators in the sphere of sustainable development and CSR, timely factoring in the requirements of and amendments to employment, environmental and energy efficiency regulations, and by assuring compliance with standards of international financial institutions
  • Reducing costs through social investment efficiency enhancement