Political Communications

Our company proposes effective solutions for collective and personal political positioning. We work in tight deadlines for electoral campaigns, longtime political projects maintaining their importance, and securing from political risks. We elaborate creative federal and regional electoral regional campaigns in public. We unite inside and informal communicational resources. We challenge cases that relate to non-public policy. Our professional activity in the sphere of political communication covers a wide range of services including political consulting, managing political propaganda, as well as carrying out political and PR campaigns.

We offer:
  • Monitoring and analysis of the political situation in Russia and its regions
  • Monitoring and media analytics
  • Sociopolitical, sociometric, and elective research
  • Sociological monitoring
  • Desk research
  • Qualitative studies
  • Electoral and political analytics
  • Pre-electoral assessments and analysis
  • Strategy and tactics for electoral campaigns
  • Political support: interaction with federal and regional elites (government, business)
  • Managing campaign office and campaigning
  • Fieldwork: managing turnout, protest voters, unpredictable situations, resisting administrative pressure, working with particular categories of citizens (the young, retirees), writing and managing possible scenarios
  • Legal support for an electoral campaign
  • Situation monitoring at all stages of the campaign
  • Financial audit of an election campaign
  • Political consulting: development of ideological and strategic orientations
  • Comparative analysis of competing political actors' images
  • Political coaching and psychological support of a politician or a candidate and his team (organization of hands-on workshops)
  • Organization of political propaganda
  • Counter-propaganda: countering competitors' political propaganda, leveling destructive political strategies (dark PR, etc.)
  • Developing the strategy of political PR campaigns and implementing them
  • Production and placement of promotional materials, their psychological analysis (including the analysis of competitors' promotional materials)
  • Speechwriting, drafting, and psychological analysis of political speeches
  • Linguistic and psychological studies of media texts, party programs and other materials
  • Establishing a pool of opinion leaders, experts, and federal/regional journalists for political PR campaigns
  • Planning and organizing large-scale political PR events and public speaking
  • Party-building: developing an ideology and a program of a political party (of a social movement)
  • Building relations with political parties of various orientations and particular political leaders