Place Branding

High-quality branding of a region gives a real impetus to social and economic development and to the promotion of the region’s interests at federal and international levels. Branding creates a comprehensive and succinct impression of the place, which is retained in the memory of investors and tourists. Reinvention of one’s small motherland affects the inhabitants of the regions; that is why branding is an integral part of a successful domestic policy. Baikal Communications Group accumulates the experience of ambitious cities and regions from all over the world and offers comprehensive branding solutions for the Russian territories.

We offer:
  • Searching for and verifying unique territorial offers
  • Integral economic place branding
  • Environmental audit
  • Throughout examination of internal and external place brand and suggestions/program for its further development
  • Place brand strategy and platform
  • Developing and testing the brand legend (based on historical past and archetypal images), the style of a place (designer solutions, visual and verbal images)
  • Creating new territorial markers and tourist routes, updating product markers, positioning of regional brands in relation to the place brand
  • Developing and implementing programs aimed at attracting tourists and investors
  • Developing and implementing a communications strategy to promote the place brand
  • Developing a step-by-step plan of the place brand promotion as a business product
  • Organizing and carrying out regional events intended to glocalize the region
  • Place branding (personification) through an iconic personality: a politician, artist, historical figure, literary character
  • Developing and testing various creative concepts (movie scripts, monuments, architecture, museums, literature, etc.) for place branding
  • Promotion of local traditions, customs, and the unique features of local nature in relation to the place brand