Marketing & Advertising

We develop comprehensive marketing strategies and propose effective steps for business development to our clients. We generate designer solutions and quality creative advertising projects ensuring that the inherence of clients’ visual, verbal, conceptual and reputational messages is taken into account. We join in a project at any stage: we modernize existing concepts or create unique images from scratch. We collaborate with the best designers and copywriters that helped leading Russian companies, federal and regional political actors and state bodies succeed in advertising.

We offer:
  • Marketing research and analysis of markets/industries, including financial markets
  • Identifying the marketing potential of new services and products
  • Market strategy building
  • Competition analysis and benchmarking
  • Sales promotion
  • Building an optimal distribution system
  • Brand analytics: brand audit, brand architecture, brand valuation
  • Sport & Travel Marketing
  • Geomarketing
  • Corporate style and logo
  • Visual classification elements
  • Naming: slogans, names and patent check, name tests
  • Brand book
  • Design expertise
  • Design: web design, graphic design, packaging design, design of exhibitions and interior design, environmental design
  • Urban design
  • Advertising modules, creative concepts and scenarios of events
  • Promotional strategies and the organization of full-scale ad campaigns
  • Research on the advertising campaigns effectiveness
  • Analytical review and dynamic observation of the object based on full monitoring of open sources
  • Advertising, media buying
  • Video production: video presentation, break bumper, advertising clip, promo clip, viral clip, corporate video, animation
  • Infographics, illustrations/presentations
  • Printing in any quality
  • Printing of any paper production from labels to POS materials
  • Creative solutions for goods and packaging
  • Corrugated packaging, colorful cardboard packaging, advertising materials
  • Exhibition planning
  • Mounting roll-ups at exhibitions
  • Souvenirs of any kind: from mass production to VIP and exclusive gifts
  • Publishing projects