International Communications

We promote international communications as one of our priorities. We develop our network of international representatives, who are professionals of high expertize. We are ready to work with wide range of communicational targets. Our company is a reliable guide for those who want to discover Russia and for those who look for a business opportunity abroad. We work with the EU and other institutions grant programmes, delivering qualified expertize in different fields.

We offer:
  • Audit of media-political space and audit of a client's reputation on national and international markets
  • Elaboration of an international positioning strategy for clients and its implementation
  • Personal international positioning of political and business elites
  • Communication support for foreign and international projects
  • International summits and forums organization and communications
  • Client promotion in foreign and international organizations, including European Parliament, USA Congress and State Council of the People's Republic of China
  • Public Diplomacy and cooperation with foreign target audiences
  • Analysis of a state image and its improving by international communicational image campaigns
  • Interactions with the relevant russian and foreign  experts centers and think tanks, including a dialogue in the interests of a state
  • Promotion of the state interests in the large international political and cultural projects