Digital Communications

We possess enough capacity to maintain reputation in the Internet that today is no less important than its standard notion. We construct a truly attractive image, change the outcomes of negative campaigns, make network identity a long-term positive communicational and informational capacity. Smart strategies of online promotion rapidly accelerate realization of political and business projects leaned on the content of advertising, websites and social networks.

We offer:
  • Qualitative monitoring and analysis
  • Digital strategies
  • Strategies for social Media and its realization
  • Web-sites
  • Promo sites
  • Applications for social Media
  • Applications for IOS, Android and Windows
  • Viral video production and promotion
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social Media coverage
  • Geolocation
  • Loyalty programs
  • Community management
  • Digital BTL
  • CRM
  • Partnering with the social media champions (blogs and social networks)
  • Yandex and Google search engines: SERM and SEO optimization
  • Contextual advertising management
  • Political campaigns in social Media