Crisis Communications

Our team always ready to engage into crisis management. We are aware of the situations when risks and threats are unable to calculate and cope with at an early stage. Our crisis management campaigns are carried out by the best reliable and effective mechanisms in public and nonpublic sphere. We create and introduce scenarios that ensures harmony in communicational disputes.

We offer:
  • Crisis assessment in the communications space, identifying crisis type, scale and duration
  • Continuous monitoring of a crisis situation and forecasting its potential impact, information flow control
  • Rapid response to a crisis situation, blocking negative information
  • Establishing and maintaining operational headquarters for crisis management in the communications space
  • Strategy and tactics of a company activity in the situation of a crisis
  • Developing the documentation package for the work in a crisis situation: recommendations, regulations, crisis communications programs and plans
  • Crisis counseling (24/7)
  • Communications solutions for judicial trials and corporate wars
  • Taking advantage of the crisis in the company's interest
  • Post-crisis positioning strategy, its implementation
  • Workshops for top management and the team: crisis simulation, practicing proper crisis response, effective work in a crisis situation, correcting communications errors
  • Training in pubic speaking during a situation of a crisis for a company leader
  • Introducing a system for preventing image and information crises