Legal Expertise

Baikal Communications Group successfully accumulates the comprehensive experience of our team in the legal domain and offers high-quality legal expertise, encompassing the in-depth analysis of the legislation and the legal doctrine of the Russian Federation as well as foreign countries.

Within the framework of the legal expert research, our experienced specialists evaluate the conceptual expediency of draft laws, their compliance with foundations of the legal technique, alignment with the general legislative system. Such a kind of evaluation is to be positioned as a preventive measure, aimed at overcoming the law-making flaws and directly influencing the efficiency of the subsequent enforcement of regulations. Through the extensive knowledge of international legal systems and law proceedings, our experts are entitled to utilize the comparative law method. Consequently, legal institutions and other structures are to be analysed and viewed not from the standpoint of national legislation, but rather through the prism of the worldwide experience and global development trends.

We provide all-encompassing consulting services, regarding the full-fledged law-making procedures: starting with the elaboration of the content of legal acts and ending with laws, being approved and enacted. Combining all the effective GR-technologies and the multi-faceted legal expertise, we possess the specific exclusive knowledge about the decision-making mechanisms at the level of public authorities. Thus, we are able to implement the law-making projects on behalf of clients as effectively as possible.

We offer:
  • Legal expertise of the current legislation in specific domains for the purpose of assessing the legal foundations of the company’s activities and its compliance with relevant legislative trends;
  • Analysis of draft laws under elaboration, concerning the potential business risks and consecutive formation of amendment proposals;
  • Identification of systemic problems, glitches, and collisions in the legislation and enforcement practices’ domain through the legislative changes;
  • Comparative legal analysis: executing research with regard to the foreign experience of the legal regulation of similar social relationships;
  • Preparation of a concept for changes in the legislation as well as their economic and legal justification;
  • Elaboration of draft laws and other legal acts;
  • Client’s expert facilitation and legal support when discussing draft legislative acts within public authorities;
  • Arrangement of public discussions and meetings, devoted to issues under consideration within draft legislative acts.