HR-Services in Government Relations

Effectiveness, vitality, and stability of business structures are inexorably dependent on professionalism, qualification level, and personal attributes of employees. People are the overriding and fundamental value of an organization, focused on the long-lasting development and successful execution of strategic intentions. Within the GR-framework human capital is of the same paramount importance: search and acquisition of GR-specialists – an extremely difficult and resource-intensive task, which should be tackled by the market insider, highly experienced partner in the field of Government Relations & Lobbying. Baikal Communications Group implements full-fledged HR consulting as regards the arrangement and development of GR-competences in the company. We help our clients find professionals, which are capable of working with KPI within the communication segment of business and public authorities’ structures.

We offer:
  • Analysis and evaluation of conjunctural advisability for launching the structural GR-division, based upon the current priorities and strategic tasks and needs of an organization
  • Consulting with regard to the structural GR-division’s organization: identification of the organizational structure and the optimal number of employees, determination of the fundamental channels and models of integrated interaction within companies as well as with external stakeholders
  • Consulting on the corporate GR-department’s development
  • Audit and expertise of the corporate GR-department’s work
  • Formation of HR strategy, aimed at employees, who specialize in Government Relations: identification of versatile professional roles, determination of salary and remuneration systems, work-rest schemes
  • Arrangement of tailor-made, customized training programs and seminars on professional skills management as well as motivational and value orientation workshops in the sphere of Government Relations
  • Arrangement of corporate educational and advanced training programs for specialists in GR
  • Creation of the systemic succession planning “roadmap” in GR at the backdrop of the incessantly changing labor market
  • Elaboration and implementation of the formalized effectiveness metrics, key productivity indicators for GR-specialists/GR-department. Evaluation of competences and professional activities of sectoral specialists, introduction of employee ranking tools and systems
  • Certification of GR-specialists and representatives of the sectoral top management and/or formation of internal evaluation and certification materials
  • Preparation of specific in-house guidelines and regulations, which incorporate the HR management system in the field of GR
  • Recruitment of GR-specialists: analysis and review of existing and/or creation of new vacancies, identification of requirements for screening implementation, search and selection of candidates (interviewing, qualification and analytical testing, arrangement of an “assessment center”)
  • Creation of candidate databases, cluster of vacancy notices for GR-specialists and representatives of the sectoral top management