GR-strategies and risk assessment

Baikal Communications Group elaborates and implements GR-strategies, based upon the mutually beneficial formats of communication between representatives of business and public authorities. Our firms’ specialists create unique analytical products, which comprise the client-oriented all-encompassing assessment of public policy and regulatory environment, as well as detailed recommendations with regard to the effective implementation of GR-projects.

We offer:
  • Research of impact groups and inter-elite connections
  • Prediction, assessment and mitigation of political risks (including sanction risks)
  • Monitoring activities as regards the cross-sector issues of public policy and regulatory environment, their analysis
  • Monitoring activities and legal expertise of legislative initiatives
  • Elaboration of GR-strategies:
    • Analysis of external environment – research of public and political environment, regulatory environment and competitive environment
    • Ranking of GR-risks and opportunities
    • Determination of GR-goals and objectives
    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Formation of the project-level implementation of GR-strategy for the certain period of time
    • Fomation of the tactical level of implementation of GR-strategies for the certain period of time
  • Elaboration of road maps for implementation of GR-objectives