GR-consulting and lobbying

Baikal Communications Group offers a comprehensive range of services
in the domain of GR-consulting, incl. communication with legislative and executive authorities at the federal and regional levels both in Russia and abroad, as well as within the supranational space (the EAEU, the EU). Our specialists ensure the promotion of client interests and client support at any stage of interaction with public authorities and supranational bodies.

We offer:
  • Government Relations. Communication with public authorities for the purpose of interpreting the state policy towards a sector/an organization, incl. amid crisis situations
  • Support of the legislative process within public authorities: elaboration, introduction and promotion of draft laws and other legal acts on the client’s behalf
  • Interaction with control and oversight public authorities
  • Interaction with public organizations, business associations, advisory bodies of public authorities, coalition formation for implementation of specific GR-projects
  • Expert Relations. Communication with expert organizations and community, expert pool formation for implementation of strategic and tactical GR-objectives
  • Market Access (for pharmaceutical companies)
  • GR-consulting for IT startups
  • Promotion of interests of Russian companies within public authorities of the Russian Federation (at the federal and regional levels), as well as abroad
  • Russian and the EAEU market-entry facilitation and support for international companies
  • Promotion of corporate interests within the framework of large-scale geostrategic projects