Government Relations

Our company offers effective lobbying and GR-technologies of projects implementation which are based on mutually beneficial ways of communication between business and government. Analysis of our specialists’ professional experience helped us to identify the most successful formula for realization of tasks in the field of GR & Lobbying. Generally, it is integration of clients and industry specific stakeholders needs. According to our position, promoting of client interest are not confined to direct and insistent lobbyism. We create the influence on the mechanisms of economic management and industrial regulation, based on the synthesis of public and client interests, demonstrating the significance of a project for society, government and business and showing which problems will be solved during the implementation of this project. GR & Lobbying is a multifunctional space for dialogue between stakeholders.

We offer:
  • Government policy and regulation monitoring in industries and analysis
  • Monitoring of key stakeholders’ public activities, stakeholder mapping
  • Surveying the groups of influence and relations between the elites, interaction with them
  • Political risks forecasting, assessment and minimization
  • Industry analytics
  • GR consulting and GR strategy building
  • Roadmaps for GR missions and its realization
  • Establishing a civilized dialogue between business and RF federal executive/legislative bodies
  • Communication with public authorities and regulatory bodies to clarify their policy in relation to an industry/organization, including in a crisis situation
  • Interaction with regulatory authorities
  • Expert Relations. Interaction with the expert community and organizations, establishing a pool of experts for strategic and tactical GR tasks
  • Communicating with public interest organizations, business associations, advisory bodies to the government, establishing coalitions for specific GR projects
  • Monitoring and legal expertise of legislative initiatives
  • Elaboration, submission and lobbying of bills and regulations in the client's interests
  • Market Access (for Pharma companies)
  • GR consulting for IT startups
  • Market entry and business support on the Russian market and CIS markets
  • Lobbying business interests in Russia, promoting the interests of Russian companies in the Russian regions and abroad
  • Corporate promotion in large geostrategic projects
  • Audit and examination of a company's GR Department work
  • Developing the concept of a company's GR Department from scratch and developing/adjusting of an existing unit's work
  • Developing qualification procedures for GR specialists and assessment of the GR Department contribution to the financial performance of the company
  • Continuing education for GR specialists