Government Relations

Government Relations (GR) – interaction with public authorities – is one of the most relevant contemporary conditions for doing successful business. Our specialists’ work experience made it possible to identify the most successful formula for projects’ implementation in the domain of GR and lobbying – it is the coalescence of clients and relevant public stakeholders’ aspirations within public authorities. From our standpoint, the promotion of client interests is not limited to the direct and obstinate lobbying procedure. We elaborate GR-strategies and utilize GR-technologies for influencing the mechanisms of economic management and industry regulation, relying upon the synthesis of public and client interests and demonstrating the significance of projects for society, business and public authorities as well as revealing problems, which will be tackled within the project implementation. GR & Lobbying is the realm of a mutually beneficial dialogue of all interested parties. The foundation for such a dialogue are: assessment of regulatory risks, analysis of normative and legal environment and legal expertise of Russian and international legislation, as well as expertise, concerning the work with financial instruments and the obtainment of state support. Our own educational programs in the sphere of GR, a wide range of contacts with specialists, utilizing the similar approach with regard to public authorities, make it possible to offer HR-services in case of the necessary recruitment in the field of GR.