Baikal Communications Group offers comprehensive services in the field of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) for business entities, as well as provides assistance to regions within the framework of transition to the more sustainable development trajectories. The well-balanced concept of sustainable development facilitates the enhancement of economic indicators of an organization, makes it socially responsible and simultaneously advances communication opportunities at the internal and external levels: investors, government, shareholders, domestic and international partners take notice of the new dimension of effectiveness in the sustainable development domain. We integrate the clients’ aspirations in the field of sustainable development and devise the customized solutions, aimed at the actual and long-term contribution to the development of society and environmental conservation.

We offer:
  • Elaboration of comprehensive social and environmental corporate strategies
  • Audit of valid projects and programs in the sphere of environmental, social, and corporate governance and elaboration of proposals for their amendment and development
  • Elaboration of strategies for implementation of the circular economy principles as well as for transition to circular business models
  • Arrangement of the comprehensive business assets’ evaluation for the compliance towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other strategic sustainable development documents
  • Management of non-financial risks/risks in the field of sustainable development
  • Measurement of business impact from social and environmental initiatives
  • Mapping of corporate risks, including environmental and social domains
  • Preparation of regular ESG-reports (GRI, SASB, UNGC)
  • Elaboration of strategies, envisaging the promotion of companies within international rankings
  • Creation of expert networks, ensuring the international evaluation of companies’ activities
  • Arrangement of specific events and projects, aimed at the enhancement of sustainable development policy of companies
  • Change management and control over the implementation of proposed solutions
  • Sustainable development research
  • Elaboration of strategies and implementation of interaction with local and sectoral communities
  • Elaboration of projects on the comprehensive sustainable  regional development (workshops), including all the possible climate and environmental risks and challenges
  • Arrangement of training courses and elaboration of educational programs in the following areas: ESG, sustainable development, climate change, circular economy and its practical implementation