Digital Communications

We possess enough capacity to maintain reputation in the Internet that today is no less important than its standard notion. We construct a truly attractive image, change the outcomes of negative campaigns, make network identity a long-term positive communicational and informational capacity. Smart strategies of online promotion rapidly accelerate realization of business projects leaned on the content of advertising, websites, social networks.

We offer:

  • Qualitative monitoring and analysis
  • Digital strategies
  • Strategies for social Media and its realization
  • Web-sites
  • Promo sites
  • Applications for social Media
  • Applications for IOS, Android and Windows
  • Viral video production and promotion
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social Media coverage
  • Geolocation
  • Loyalty programs
  • Community management
  • Digital BTL
  • CRM
  • Partnering with the social media champions (blogs and social networks)
  • Yandex and Google search engines: SERM and SEO optimization
  • Contextual advertising management
  • Political campaigns in social Media