Sustainable Development & CSR

Regardless of the industry and the type of the company, the incorporation of sustainable development principles into the working environment becomes a pertinent decision that meets both the UN Millennium Development Goals and social interests. A reasonable sustainable development concept helps to improve the economic performance of an organization, makes it socially responsible and at the same time improves internal and external communication capabilities: investors, the state, shareholders, Russian and foreign partners see sustainable development as a new dimension of performance. Baikal Communications Group integrates a company’s sustainable development aspirations, in particular in the field of corporate social responsibility, and develops customized solutions that make a real and a long-term contribution to the development of the society, science and environment.

We offer:

  • Consulting on the application of international initiatives (GRI, UN Global Compact etc.) and best practices based on international experience
  • Consulting on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Consulting on compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements in the field of sustainable development
  • Environmental, social and economic impact assessment
  • Management of non-financial risks and management of risks related to SD
  • Mapping corporate risks including risks in ecological and social spheres
  • Strategy and tactics for environmental and social risk management
  • Consulting on and analysis of environmental aspects to protect the assets value during a transaction, to assure compliance with the transaction deadlines
  • Transaction support in the context of sustainable development, including the identification of risks and opportunities in the sphere of environment, safety, health and reputation in the social sphere
  • Evaluation of counterparties' activity in the field of sustainable development
  • Development and realization of the strategy and management systems for sustainable development and CSR
  • Development of policies, corporate guidelines and regulations in the field of sustainable development and CSR
  • Data collection, working with data arrays and organizing communication related to CSR/environment protection
  • Development and support of CSR programs in ecology and environmental management
  • Non-financial reporting, including reporting on sustainable development and CSR (under international standards)
  • Independent assessment and validation of non-financial reporting, including reporting on sustainable development and CSR
  • Training in sustainable development and reporting (in conformity with the GRI requirements)