The International Communications and CSR Director at Baikal Communications Group Anastasia Tsvetkova summarized the outcomes of the annual series of lectures on GR and Lobbying.

The course load is 28 intensive academic hours for students of the international English-language master’s degree programs of the Institute for Social Sciences of RANEPA in the fall term of 2021. During the course attendees obtain the knowledge of foundations with regard to Public Affairs strategies, as well as immerse themselves in the specific features of the Government Relations frameworks in the Russian Federation. The basis of the author’s course by Anastasia Tsvetkova, which was initially presented in 2019, – immersion of students into the specific GR-cases, predicated on the practical work experience at Baikal Communications Group and the Lake Baikal Foundation. The curator’s experience in the domain of environmental consulting, public diplomacy and public relations makes it possible to establish such a mode of learning, that the obtainment of theoretical knowledge is inexorably linked with the participation of attendees in the practical (with applied learning) teamwork with the focus on the review of instruments, aimed at promoting and protecting interests of business and nonprofit sectors at the level of public authorities.

Within the course upon the invitation of Anastasia Tsvetkova the following lecturers addressed students of the master’s degree programs “Global Leadership” and “Strategic Communications” of RANEPA: Executive Director of the International Medical Device Manufacturers Association – IMEDA Sergey Vanin, Head of Government Relations at X5 RETAIL GROUP Vitaly Zhigulin, Corporate Affairs Lead for Russia at Cargill Andrey Lyan, Head of Corporate Relations at Diageo Dmitry Petrov.

In conclusion, students passed the certification exam, having demonstrated the skills for analysis of regulatory risks, knowledge of mapping stakeholder principles for communication with public officials, knowledge of GR-strategy’s foundations and instruments for further implementation within the GR-dimension.

Finally, attendees highlighted the practice-oriented dimension of the program, having made it possible to enhance competences in the domain of lobbying and public relations, which are of paramount importance both for business and social development.

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