Director of International Communications and CSR Practice at Baikal Communications Group Ms. Anastasia Tsvetkova gave a series of lectures on GR and Lobbying for students of the English-language master’s program at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

The course load is 28 academic hours, within which students of the international English-language master’s program of the Institute for Social Sciences of RANEPA study the methodology to promote and protect the interests of business and nonprofit sector at the level of public authorities. The author’s course of Ms. Anastasia Tsvetkova, which was initially presented in 2019, – immersion of students in the specific GR-cases, based on the practical implications, derived from Baikal Communications Group and The Lake Baikal Foundation for Environmental Applications and Research. The experience of Ms. Anastasia Tsvetkova in the field of environmental consulting, public diplomacy, and public affairs helps to secure the teaching-learning process in such a way as to combine the theoretical foundations and the practical participatory teamwork of attendees.

Within the aforementioned course, a number of invited guests gave lectures to students of the master’s programs: “Global Leadership” and “Strategic Communication”. Among them are: Head of Government Relations at Coca-Cola Bottling Company  Mr. Vitaly Zhigulin, Corporate Affairs Lead for Russia at Cargill Mr. Andrey Lyan, President of the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies – NAPCA Mr. Elman Mekhtiyev, Executive Director of the International Medical Device Manufacturers Association – IMEDA Mr. Sergey Vanin.

In December 2020 students passed certification exams as they demonstrated skills  of risk analysis, knowledge of GR-strategy’s foundations, principles of stakeholder mapping for GR-communication, GR-instruments.

In conclusion, attendees highly reviewed the course as well as the obtained knowledge, which will be useful for the professional development of GR-specialists both in business and social sector.

The next course is to be held in autumn 2021 with the use of the hugely valued practice-oriented method.

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