On May 28, 2021, the autonomous non-commercial organization “The Research Centre for Legal Expertise” was established. The goal of the organization is to support the Government in terms of the implementation of law-making objectives as well as to assist commercial and nonprofit organizations in developing their activities, taking into account the legislative changes and relevant regulatory trends.

The Research Centre for Legal Expertise provides the comprehensive analysis of normative legal acts and their draft projects, based upon the “in-depth” knowledge of the Russian and international law, and which makes it possible to assess objectively the effectiveness of legal sanctions, identify regulatory risks and opportunities, understand the prospects of legislation development in the specific domain, offer the most optimal law-making approach in the context of major worldwide legislative trends.

Among the major activities of the Research Centre for Legal Expertise – legal expert analysis of the Russian and international legislation, arrangement of the comparative and legal research, expertise of legislative initiatives and draft normative legal acts, arrangement of research in the field of legislation development and elaboration of concepts and proposals to improve it, preparation of scientific and legal conclusions.

“The legal expert research, envisaging the “in-depth” analysis of the legislative framework and legal doctrine, resolves a range of issues, essential for the law-making process. For instance, the legal expertise of the text of a draft normative legal act makes it possible to assess its conceptual constituent, its compliance with the rules of legislative technique, its coherence with the general system of legislation. On top of that, this expertise stands out as a preventive measure for overcoming the law-making errors, because it unveils and eradicates flaws and contradictions of the elaborated regulation and, thus, directly influences the effectiveness of the subsequent law-enforcement. In this sense, the Research Centre for Legal Expertise is aimed at helping both the subjects of legal regulation to fundamentally elaborate the legislative initiatives and the representatives of business and nonprofit sector to follow the relevant legislative trends for the successful execution of their projects”, – highlighted the CEO and Managing Director of Baikal Communications Group Eduard Voytenko.

“Apart from the arrangement of scientific and applied legal research and expert support of the law-making process, we suggest that our mission is to develop the institute for legal expertise in Russia. Nowadays, the Russian legislation as well as the legal literature do not include the clear definition of the legal expertise, which is frequently replaced by the term “juridical expertise”, nor has the consistent methodology to implement the legal expert analysis been designed. This is why one of our professional domains is the research and development of the expert activity and arrangement of training courses, aimed at enhancing the skills for implementing the high-quality comprehensive legal expertise”, – noted the Director-General of the Research Centre for Legal Expertise Anastasia Parfenchikova.

As a starting point of the professional activity, the Research Centre for Legal Expertise is inviting interested experts as well as scientific and public organizations for cooperation in terms of the implementation of joint projects in the sphere of legal research.

The detailed information on the Research Centre for Legal Expertise is available on the website www.law-expertise.ru

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