The Foundation established by the company took part in the meeting on Sustainable Development of the Ministry of Economic Development Expert Council.

The meeting was held on August 1 on the eve of the Annual Conference of the Parties on Climate (COP27). The participants of the event are the leading resource extraction, financial, manufacturing, and consulting companies of Russia. The Foundation became the only representative of the non-profit sector.

At the meeting, the Foundation, represented by Senior manager Evgenia Yelkina, spoke about technological ways to preserve forests on Lake Baikal. Such solutions include the new generation quadcopter for fire monitoring and the network of camera traps to prevent illegal logging in protected areas. These measures are aimed at protecting forests of high conservation value, which are especially important for combating climate change and adapting to its consequences.

Since 2022, the Foundation has been implementing climate adaptation projects. The projects are based on the Russian Federation Climate Doctrine priorities, as well as the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Natural Resources working documents in the field of climate change. The Foundation’s projects are of an applied nature and are aimed at direct assistance to the Baikal Natural Territory, while the team’s expertise is aimed at facilitating the climate risks consideration in management plans and development strategies at the local and regional levels.

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