Anastasia Tsvetkova, the International Communications and CSR Practice Director at Baikal Communications Group, summarized the outcomes of the English semester-long program «Corporate Social Responsibility in a Global Context».

«It is the third time in a row that I conduct 28 academic hours for the fourth-year students of the program «Global Governance and Leadership». There is a constantly growing attention of undergraduates to the agenda of the course. For instance, last year, following the course lots of students were enrolled in international universities within the sustainable development programs, and this year there are young professional practitioners among students, who consider the career path in the domain of consulting or ESG-transformation within large corporations. The students’ request triggers the regular update of the program itself: we review the dynamics, concerning the strategies of Russian and international companies, the assessment of business impact on social and environmental domains, changes of stakeholders’ positions», – noted the head of the relevant practice at Baikal Communications Group.

The goal of the course is to help students build the comprehensive understanding of the Corporate Social Responsibility concept, as well as to familiarize students with the current development trends of domestic business, approaches with regard to the formation of corporate sustainable development strategies, key standards in the field of non-financial reporting.

During the educational program, students attend lectures and strengthen their knowledge through workshop sessions with expert practitioners. For example, in 2021 workshops sessions were delivered by such guests as: Executive Vice President on Sustainable Development of AFK “Sistema” Victoria Blatova, Head of Projects of the Lake Baikal Foundation Ekaterina Terentyeva and manager of “You Social” Diana Bimatova.

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