Anastasia Tsvetkova, Director for Development and International Cooperation is invited to the RANEPA to conduct a semester English-language course “Corporate Social Responsibility in a Global Context” for 4th year students enrolled in the program “Leadership and Management in the Global World”. The goal of the course is to form a comprehensive understanding among students of corporate social responsibility, international CSR standards, and key trends in the development of business social responsibility.

During the training, students will get acquainted with the stages of the concept of sustainable development, the history of the integration of social responsibility in companies, the development of topics, levels and directions of social responsibility. Separate blocks of the course will be devoted to interaction with stakeholders, information disclosure, non-financial reporting standards and algorithms for its preparation.

The course is designed for 28 academic hours and will combine lectures and seminars. Within the framework of the seminars, meetings are planned with expert practitioners – heads of the departments for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility of Russian corporations and international companies, experts from consulting and the non-profit sector.

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