On October 11, the first lesson was held as part of the special educational course “Law as the most important tool in lobbying” for students of legal specialties of Russian universities. The course is organized by the Department of Constitutional Law of MGIMO and the Baikal Communications Group on the basis of the MGIMO Law Club.

  1. The course program consists of seven workshops on the following topics:
  2. GR and lobbying activities. Law and other tools in lobbying.
  3. Legal and ethical regulation of lobbying.
  4. The main features of the GR-approach to communication with representatives of public authorities.
  5. Public, business, and industry organizations, as well as development institutions, as platforms for lobbying projects.
  6. The role of expert and analytical organizations in GR and lobbying.
  7. Administrative law and lobbying in federal executive bodies.
  8. Parliamentary law and lobbying in the legislature.
  9. During the classes, students will gain practical knowledge about the specifics of lobbying in governmental bodies, as well as about the features of communication between business and government in national and supranational spaces.

Classes are held every two weeks on Fridays until the end of 2019. The course is taught by Eduard Voitenko, Ph.D. (Political Science), professional lobbyist, CEO of Baikal Communications Group, head of the GR Management and Lobbying Technologies course at the MGIMO International Journalism Department and the advanced training course at the MGIMO Business School “GR and Lobbying in Business and Nonprofit Sector”.

Following the results of the course students attending more than 80% of classes will receive a MGIMO certificate.

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