On April 5, Eduard Voytenko, CEO at Baikal Communications Group, hold a master class in the framework of the «GR and lobbying activities in business and NGOs» course promotion. The event was attended by at least 60 participants.

During the lesson, the participants studied GR-approaches and lobbying technologies on a certain case from the pharmaceutical industry. The following details and elements of the lobbying project were considered:

  • Monitoring and analysis of information affecting the strategy and tactics of promoting the pharmaceutical company’s interests in a specialized federal executive authorities;
  • Stakeholder-mapping and planning of a GR campaign;
  • Building an allied coalition in the interests of the task accomplishing;
  • Use of PR tools and interaction with media during the implementation of the lobbying project.

In addition, Eduard Voytenko focused on one of the lobbying projects in the interests of the Lake Baikal Foundation that is aimed at protecting the ecology of the Baikal natural territory and Lake Baikal.

At the end of the event, the speaker answered the questions of listeners and told about the main features of the GR-approach to communication with stakeholders during the implementation of lobbying projects and the art of GR-negotiations, risk-management in GR communications, the ethics of GR communications and lobbyism and the code of professional conduct, as well as about the competences and skills required from a GR specialist and lobbyist.

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