CEO of Baikal Communications Group Eduard Voytenko gave an interview to the Urban Report magazine where he spoke about a wide range of management challenges arising in the process of creating favorable urban environment in Russian metropolitan cities.

A sustainable, continuous vision of their identity is a big rarity for Russian cities and regions, said Mr. Voytenko. He named the key challenges that management teams are facing: the necessity of a holistic approach to the city, the ability to master the advantages of a project-based approach, and the liberation from the old problems — corruption that deters investors and inflexibility of opinions. Advanced solutions would contribute a lot to the optimization of urban management, but there is a lack of faith in the speed of their deployment. In order to improve the situation, it is advisable to turn to professional management standards, to reprioritize the creation of motivated and qualified management teams, states Mr. Voytenko. Even “radical” solutions are possible, for instance, a legislative initiative that gives foreign specialists access to municipal management.

Full interview can be downloaded here.

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