Baikal Communications Group in collaboration with a team of sociologists prepared expert study on the Russian GR-industry for the purpose of determining the key trends and functional work specifics of specialists in Government Relations.

Within the study it was possible to identify the fundamental activity domains of corporate GR-specialists as well as their ongoing objectives; unveil the most popular communicational channels between business entities and public authorities; determine the major personal attributes and professional skills, which reflect the image of GR-specialists; analyze the trends of how a GR-department (a GR-specialist) operates within a company as well as recruitments methods with regard to GR-specialists; assess the present state of affairs within the industry of GR-services in Russia.

The study was carried out through the online survey and expert interviewing of GR-specialists of Russian and international companies and chief executive officers of large business structures.

The study’s results made it possible to build well-founded conclusions with regard to the “portrait” of Russian GR-specialists , the most effective work methods in GR and the current market state of GR-services.

The study and its results in greater detail are available within our report.

The reference to the source is obligatory upon the use of the published material.

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