Cyrill Tuzov, Director for Political Communications and Special Projects at Baikal Communications Group talked to GR News on the quality of regional political communications in digital environment and warned about the risks of the upcoming elections.

Cyrill states in the column that the opposition in the social networks will continue to grow creating unfavourable climate for government officials and reducing the room for political manoeuvre. Regional authority leaders who are aware of this trend and who employ consultants having no experience in online campaigns run an even bigger risk: no unprofessional step on the Internet goes unpunished. The errors immediately show these “consultants” in their true colours and the consequences of these errors can either be rectified at a high cost or cannot be repaired at all. On the other hand, a competent use of digital tools can neutralize the negativity and significantly reduce the cost of an election campaign. Working with the electorate on the Internet is a bottomless sea of controlled opportunities.

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