Director of Legal practice of Baikal Communications Group Elizaveta Goglacheva shared relevant experience in ONLINE PHARMA ADVANCE CONFERENCE.

Elizaveta Goglacheva presented the case «Promotion of antiretroviral drugs for HIV treatment in terms of the pandemics». Director of Legal practice told about the spread of HIV in Russia, about antiretroviral therapy, about supply disruptions and about promotion of antiretroviral combination therapy. The speech was focused specifically on GR methodology of promotion of antiretroviral medicine.

“The world is going through the pandemic of COVID-19 but the pandemic of HIV remains a challenge. Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer effective ways to promote medicine”, – told about the importance of the event Elizaveta Goglacheva.

The company thanks Business Summit of Future and Vera Temlyak for organizing the fruitful conference.

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