The head of the company contributed to the sections on relations with public authorities, lobbying, and techniques for PR analysis and assessment.

The book “PR Fundamentals in Business” edited by Valery Solovey is a comprehensive practical guidebook on PR in the sphere of business. In addition to basic aspects of PR, the book mentions the trends of PR development in Russia and abroad, gives a detailed review of such practical challenges in communication sphere as crisis and intra-corporate PR, communication with state authorities and investors, lobbying, digital technologies in PR, performance assessment in PR.

Masthead: “PR Fundamentals in Business” // Solovey V.D., Voytenko E.M., Gryzunova E.A., Zaburdaeva E.V. , Ionova O.E., Menshikov P.V., Minaeva L.V., Rozhkov I.Y., Rushkevich N.A., Salnikova L.S., Smolskaya E.P., Tarasov A.S. Under the general editorship of Solovey V.D., Moscow: Eksmo, 2016.

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