The company has opening for a senior lobbyist / government relations project manager.

Baikal Communications Group is seeking for an expert who is willing to contribute to the company growth with regard of building and coordinating lobbying and GR projects for clients. The concept of our work is based on projecting individual lobbying strategies for each client. We combine traditional and innovative tools and approaches to achieve maximum efficiency in lobbying campaigns providing them with deep analytic and legal work, expert ties, reputation and anti-crisis consulting and communication support in the media.

Key Responsibilities:

Building relationships with potential and existing clients, as well as stakeholders. Direct interaction with the analytical unit of the company upon the projects. Elaboration and implementation of lobbying and GR-strategies for clients. Generation of analytical products on the current regulation of industries, monitoring and analysis of the industry-specific legislation amendments development both in Russia and other countries of client’s attendance. Legal due diligence of bills and other enactments. Study and prediction of public policy at the international and national levels with regard to its impact on the client’s business. Policy recommendations development on federal state programs in areas affecting the client’s activities. Representation of client policies and positions to relevant government officials and related associations, organizations and coalitions; informing client with up-to-date news from these institutions. Providing info-analytic assistance for client company’s top-management in decision-making.


Candidates should have a commanding knowledge of key policy areas in Russia and EEU countries (Eastern Europe, China and the USA – preferable). Candidates should be into decision-making mechanism of executive and legislative branches. They should have knowledge of regulations and law-making procedure in Russian Government, Federal Executive Authority Bodies, Russian Parliament, and regulatory processes in major economic industries.

We are seeking for candidates with critical thinking, who are capable of performing tasks with punctuality and creative interest based on deep analytical skills and intellectual curiosity. The senior lobbyist is the head of lobbying projects with strong interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, leadership potential, strategic thinking, but at the same time extremely attentive to details, willing to work in conditions of multitasking and limited time simultaneously. Candidates should possess capability of team work, strong research skills and well-bred written speech. We are seeking for professionalism multiplied by enthusiasm and willingness to resolve unique cases regardless of officially set schedule. In our job it is necessary to think ahead and be available 24/7.


Stress resistance. Command of English.


Legal/political science/economic/philosophical education. Experience in the Government of Russia or federal executive authorities (Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Finance).


Gaining experience in managing lobbying and GR projects in Russian and international companies from the agricultural and IT sectors, pharmaceutical, tobacco, alcohol and other industries. Education on the refresher course GR & Lobbying at MGIMO at the company’s expense.

To apply for the job opening, please send a resume to

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