On June 5, 2020 Baikal Communications Group and Levick Strategic Communications announced the start of the global partnership, aimed at implementing the joint projects in the territory of two states – the Russian Federation and the United States of America.

Levick Strategic Communications is an established international company, which specializes in Corporate Affairs, Crisis Management, Public Affairs as well as Investigations and Litigation. The corporate structure was established in Washington, D.C. in 1998. As a result of the exclusive and immaculate professional expertise, Levick Strategic Communications became the laureate of numerous awards, including Gold SABRE Award, PR Week Awards, PR News Legal PR Award, TIVA Peer Awards, etc. In 2020 the company occupied the place in the Global Top 250 PR Agencies 2020, according to the authoritative industrial Public Relations’ media source PRovoke.

As CEO and Managing Director of Baikal Communications Group Mr. Eduard Voytenko underlines: “Experience of Levick Strategic Communications in the field of Litigation, Crisis Management and Public Affairs forms the partner’s professional reliability. Our collaboration in the sphere of Sanctions Law and Sanctions Compliance will boost our capabilities not only to execute the high-qualified legal and lobbying’s support to our clients, but also to safeguard their information impregnability under the circumstances of the extremely formidable pressure from various groups of stakeholders”.

Richard Levick, CEO and Chairman of Levick Strategic Communications, shares the same point of view of Mr. Eduard Voytenko. He highlights with relish the fact of the successful collaboration with the Russian corporate entity. “We are honored and delighted to partner with Baikal Communications Group as our Russian communications firm. With their experience in Сrisis, Public Affairs and Environmental Communications and their commitment to innovation and excellence, they were precisely the partner we were looking for, for our global network, now consisting of 26 communications firms in 28 countries”.

Currently Russian-American relations have deteriorated and are going through the politically tough times. Mr. Eduard Voytenko asserts: “Under the circumstances of Russian and American political tensions our entities help protect the commercial interests and cement the foundations for the extremely reliable and resilient communication ground for the Russian business within the US and the American business within the Russian Federation”.

Mr. Richard Levick agrees: “At a time of strained US-Russian relations, it is a particular challenge for US companies and entities in Russia and equally challenging time for Russian companies and entities in the U.S. It is our joint hope and commitment that our collaboration will make this easier for our clients.”

In the near future Baikal Communications Group and Levick Strategic Communications have strong aspirations to apply all the stated intentions on mutually beneficial interaction to the practical implementation. As an example, in the long-term perspective it is planned to execute the bilateral partnership within the framework of the global industrial platform – Crisis and Litigation Communicators Alliance.

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