Ms. Ekaterina Moiseeva started her career at Baikal Communications Group in 2017 in the position of an analyst. On 1 July 2020, she headed the Practice, meant to provide clients with all the variety of analytical products,  which are indispensable for constructive dialogue with public authorities.

The Regulatory Issues Practice shapes the analytical and expert foundations for the implementation of lobbying projects. In particular, the Practice encompasses the following functional competencies: analysis of regulatory risks, elaboration of GR-strategies, and preparation of expertise to promote the interests of clients within the system of public authorities. Nowadays the Practice is well-positioned to execute projects for pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco, mining, agricultural, transport, and other industries.

«The Regulatory Issues Practice is assigned as a separate division at Baikal Communications Group because most of the time our clients need the high-quality expert and analytical support of their GR-activity. Besides, our specialists in the Practice are engaged in GR and political projects’ implementation. Thus, the activity of these divisions of the company are inexorably interconnected», – Mr. Eduard Voytenko explains.

«Baikal Communications Group is one of the very few consulting companies in Russia, which successfully executes GR and lobbying initiatives. I am glad to be a part of the company and take charge of the proficient analytical support of these projects», – Ms. Ekaterina Moiseeva underlines.

Multiplication of career opportunities is one of the key principles of the company. Baikal Communications Group pays close attention to the evolvement of employees’ professional competences. The company invests a lot in extra education and advanced training of the team as well. It gives an opportunity to accumulate highly qualified professionals, who are highly interested in career development, within the company, capable of the deep-rooted expert understanding on versatile sectoral agendas each time with new clients, having skills to build up the prompt effective decisions in the interests of business,
state and civil society.

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