In 2020 the Competition was aimed at discussing the responsibility level of companies for their own staff as well as the scale of business participation in dealing with social and ecological issues.

Which values were prioritized this pandemic year? It is the crucial question, which ultimately determined the business program of the Competition “People Investor”, held by the Russian Managers Association on a yearly basis. Director of International Communications and CSR Practice at Baikal Communications Group Ms. Anastasia Tsvetkova was invited to evaluate projects in the category “Ecological effectiveness”. The expert two-stage evaluation activity was followed by the final announcement of the winner – M.Video and its project “We care about the environment”. All nominees presented their projects on a preliminary basis and received jury feedbacks on their presentations’ improvements. During the next full-fledged meeting on December 2, 2020, the project presentation was followed by a significant discussion on corporate ecological responsibility, prospects of innovations within business operations as well as consumer communication domains.

Ms. Anastasia Tsvetkova highlighted that there were a number of reasons why
the winning project of the Competition deserved the victory. Firstly, it is the largest business project in Russia on electronic waste treatment and recycling, aimed at decreasing the dangerous waste volume and boosting the development of the circular economy through the creation of convenient appliances’ collection services. For example, within the framework of the program, which was launched in 2019, conglomerate M.Video-Eldorado collected and conveyed for disposal about 100 000 items of home appliances and 1 000 000 batteries. Secondly, according to the authors of the project, NPS among M.Video customers hit a record high (for the last 5 years) figures. It implies the actual impact of the engagement mechanisms. In addition to that, the level of mass customers’ awareness of e-waste’s influence on the environment has increased as well.

The record of the conference part of the section “Ecological effectiveness” is available via the link.

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