On February 24th, 2021 the online meeting (to be held once every three months) of members of the Crisis and Litigation Communicator’s Alliance (CLCA) took place.

Baikal Communication Group was represented by Anastasia Tsvetkova, Director of International Communications and CSR Practice, and Vladislav Pantiukhin, Director of Global Strategy. The company joined the Alliance in December 2020 as the 15th corporate member of the CLCA.

In view of the fact that it was the first introductory online meeting
for Baikal Communications Group, Anastasia Tsvetkova and Vladislav Pantiukhin prepared the presentation, regarding the expertise, experience as well as current activities of the company in the sphere of lobbying, GR, Crisis Communications and Litigation PR.

“We are very sure that Baikal Communications Group rightfully represents the market of Russia and Eastern Europe within our Alliance. The highest quality professionalism, extremely responsible business approach and exclusive under the present-day Russian realities competences – all these factors make Baikal Communications Group inexorably special. We hope for the constructive results of our cooperation”, – noted Martin Jenewein from SMJ Partner Consulting (located in Wien, Austria) and the Chairperson of the Alliance.

International members of the CLCA also expressed their readiness for long-term collaboration in the near future not only within the global professional network but also through bilateral mutually beneficial corporate relations.

The main discussion of the online meeting focused on the social media crisis simulations and strategy testing as well as global prospects for the development and toolbox research in the field of reputation management.

Additionally, there was a question raised about the probability
of the face-to-face meeting of the CLCA members, which is, amid the current coronavirus pandemic, preliminarily planned to be arranged in Washington, D.C. in October 2021.

In conclusion, Martin Jenewein highly reviewed the quality of the analytical article of Baikal Communications Group, regarding the state of affairs in Litigation PR in Russia (the forwarded material constituted the intellectual contribution of the company to the development of the CLCA communicational competencies).

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