Anastasia Tsvetkova, partner of Baikal Communications Group, CEO of the Lake Baikal Foundation, made a presentation at the seminar on the best practices of government interaction with municipal public chambers and socially-oriented non-profit organizations.

The seminar was held on June 20, 2019 at MGIMO. It covered various aspects of the interaction of authority and socially-oriented NPOs: key areas for cooperation, effective interface and ways to measure it, ways to improve the existing model of collaboration.

During the speech, Anastasia Tsvetkova commented on the real cases of the Lake Baikal Foundation, established by Baikal Communications Group. Using the example of two ongoing projects, “The Year of the Baikal Seal” and “National Parks Without Garbage”, she demonstrated the tools available to NPOs for systematic solution of specific tasks. In particular, Anastasia Tsvetkova emphasized that NPOs can be the center of best practices/ready-made solutions for relevant authorities, and most importantly, the majority of strong, stable non-profit organizations – a wealth of expertise, as well as a source of field update in the area in which they work. At the same time, the expert noted that any dialogue of NPOs with representatives of state authorities should be systemic and collaborative, built on respect and constructive strategy for the two parties.

The seminar was organized by the Public Chamber of the Moscow Region, the Moscow Regional Training Center and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

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