Baikal Communications Group announces the launch of the advanced training program “Business management, based upon ESG-principles: from practitioners to practitioners”, which is jointly arranged with the MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency. Among lecturers are experts-practitioners from leading companies of the major segments of the Russian economy. 

The first course is to be held on 17-21 April 2023 in intramural format. It is going to encompass all basic sustainable development terms, legal foundations of green taxonomy, ESG-rankings’ formation methods, as well as specific features with regard to the integration and application of ESG-practices in the oil and gas, forest, mining, IT and other key economic industries. A great emphasis was put on the financial sector and the specific toolkit for raising funds, pertaining to the ESG-segment. All invited experts will share their personal experience and the best practices in terms of the ESG-integration and management during lectures and workshops. Attendees of the training will be able to adapt the practices to their own business processes. Upon the completion of the course attendees will obtain a range of applied tools for the step-by-step business transformation and business interests’ implementation through the ESG-agenda.

The training’s academic director is Anastasia Tsvetkova, International Communications and CSR Practice Director at Baikal Communications Group, expert on the elaboration and implementation of sustainable development programs as well as on the corporate management as regards the ESG-aspects.

Registration is still open. The full description of the training program is available at the official website – the link contains the information, regarding the expansion of lecturers’ faculty as well.

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