Kirill Tuzov, Director for political communications and special projects at Baikal Communications Group reported on the challenges for regional mass media during the election and political campaigns at the Strategic Session of All-republic and Local Mass Media “Media Development in the Republic of Dagestan”.

Kirill Tuzov stated that, for the regional media, pre-election period is an opportunity to put an end to the editorial policy stagnation and a decline in interest among target audiences. These opportunities are linked to the new communication technologies. It concerns expanding journalistic activity on social networks, the revision of stylistics and the content placement format. Moreover, it is about forging fundamentally new relationships with federal media to ensure an efficient export of coverage opportunities from the region as well as other technologies aimed at attracting audiences and enhancing the regional media status.

In this context, Dagestan media are confronted with a situation in which they are not a priority source of information for the public even within the region. Local media face an even more difficult situation. Restoring interest and trust in regional mass media in the Republic of Dagestan is a task that is directly linked to regional and national security.

The pre-election period marked by an increasingly competitive political environment and, at the same time, by an intensified media activity is a good chance to restore the strategic information balance in the Republic.


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