Excursions became a component and final part of the internship program and allowed students to immerse themselves in the working atmosphere of the organizations.

During the visit to TASS, trainees got acquainted with modern news market in Russia, saw how press conferences were organized, studied commercial products of the news agency, asked questions about the work of the offices in other countries. In Yandex, students were told about the history of the development and establishment of one of the most recognizable companies in the IT sphere both in Russia and in the world, experienced the corporate culture and features of work in the information technology industry, told about the positioning in the national and international markets of companies from this segment.

Baikal Communications Group hosted students from Hong Kong for the third time in cooperation with the Moscow International Higher School of Business MIRBIS from May 28 to June 29, 2018. Upon of the practice completion, the company continues to cooperate with successful young specialists on a project basis.

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