On April 17 the Director of political communications and special projects at Baikal Communications Group Cyrill Tuzov hold a seminar «PR and GR: intersections and divergences» at the Moscow University. S.Yu. Witte.

During the lesson, the participants studied the opportunities of using PR-tools in GR-projects. In particular, he described the technologies of effective interaction with the media, working at public events and in Digital, which strengthen GR campaigns in various sectors. In addition, the audience got acquainted with the basics of GR and the tools for building constructive relationships with public authorities. Basic methods of communication with stakeholders were considered to represent and promote business interests, the risks of GR communication and ways to avoid them. Issues of professional ethics in GR communications were also discussed.

The speaker presented to the students practical cases dealing with the problems of the pharmaceutical industry, machine building, alcohol and tobacco industries, and education.

At the end of the seminar, Kirill answered the questions of listeners and talked about the problem of regulating GR in Russia, as well as about the competences and skills that a GR specialist and lobbyist should possess.

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