For the fourth year in a row, on the eve of Diplomatic Worker day, Baikal Communications Group CEO Eduard Voytenko opens a semester master’s course in GR and lobbying activities at the Department of Public Relations of the Faculty of International Journalism at MGIMO.

The original course by Eduard Voytenko «GR Technology. Fundamentals of lobbying activities» is based on exposure in specific GR and lobbying practices. This year, a module will be added to the course with an emphasis on the policy impact on lobbying and GR activities of a practitioner. This is connected with presidential elections in the country and the rotation of the Cabinet immediately after them. The modules with examples from the NPO field will be preserved, and the practice of lobbying in the United States, the EU and the PRC will continue.

During the course, students will get acquainted with the methodology used by a  specialist in communication  with public authorities, acquire skills in analyzing the interests of GR communication subjects, and will get knowledge about the basics of lobbying ethics.

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