Anastasia Tsvetkova, Director of the International Communications and CSR Practice at Baikal Communications Group, will launch an interdisciplinary module on water resources management at Ranepa.

In autumn 2019, Anastasia conducted a course “Corporate Social Responsibility in a Global Context” for the Ranepa’s fourth year students of bachelor’s programme “Global Governance and Leadership”.

The programme consisted of 7 lectures and 7 seminars, focused on the formation of students’ understanding in corporate social responsibility, theoretical and practical basis of CSR, development of knowledge of key concepts of sustainable development on the examples of international organizations’ activity. During the course, the main directions of social responsibility development of business were considered in the modern context.

Within the course listeners had an opportunity to dive into the practical understanding of the subject – among the guests of the course there were the representatives of corporate segment, consulting organizations and non-profit sector. The cases from relevant work experience were shared by the Director of Sustainable Development Department of AFK “Sistema” Victoria Blatova, by Development Director of Young Group Social and Coordinator of Federal Social Projects Yevgenia Kuznetsova, by the Peer Advisor of Communication Department of State Corporation Rosatom and the Head of the Working Group on Report Preparation Sergey Golovachev.

Following the results of the course, the School of public policy and administration ISS Presidential academy invited Anastasia Tsvetkova to take part in the development of new English-language bachelor programme on global challenges. The author’s course of the International Communications Director and the Head of CSR Practice of Baikal Communications Group on water resources management will be included in the educational programme of the third course. Applications for the new programme “Management of Global Challenges” are open.

The course “Water Resources Management” will consist of three modules. In the first module there will be considered such topics as basic concepts of hydrology, water bioresources and aquaculture, human’s influence on hydrological processes, water and the climate change, water for the sustainable development. During the second module, students will investigate the mechanisms of water resource management, water resources management in the national and international realms. In the third module the special emphasis will be placed on leadership in the sphere of water resources management, in particular, on such topics as development of models of water resources management, business responsibility in the usage of water resources, entrepreneurship in addressing water issues. The lectures will be read by recognized professionals in each field.

The presentation of the course took place as a part of open doors day in February 2020.

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