Baikal Communications Group elevates the expertise with regard to the environmental and climate challenges, responsible finance, circular economy as well as introduces the Practice, which will comprise the sustainable development support for the commercial sector and regions. The ESG-Practice has manifested itself from the first day of the company’s establishment, but institutionally it was launched on July 1, 2021.

“The issue of sustainable development is not only the actual international agenda, but also positioned as the indispensable development component of business and regions. The decision to launch the Practice, aimed at facilitating the transition to the green economy and to the clients’ business model readjustment, was triggered by the internal request of the talented team as well as by the external support of partners, who entrust the strategic tasks to us. Under our belt we have six years of experience as regards the promotion of our clients’ interests at the level of public authorities, provision of legal expertise for clients and crisis communication. Earlier we established The Lake Baikal Foundation, a non-profit environmental organization, the expertise of which helped tackle the CSR-tasks on numerous occasions. The ESG-Practice at the company will make it possible to enhance the expertise in the field of sustainable corporate and social administration as well as, consequently, to extend a number of opportunities for our clients in terms of the implementation and adaptation of best sustainable development practices, formed upon request”, – noted CEO and Managing Director of Baikal Communications Group Eduard Voytenko.

Our pool of services – the full-fledged cycle of elaboration and implementation of different ESG-initiatives in compliance with the unified international standards; the programs’ impact evaluation; comprehensive documentation and communication support of the transition to the green economy and circular business models. The special emphasis within the Practice will be put on the collaboration with multilevel public authorities in the very context of adaptation to the climate change, encompassing the implementation of effective interaction with parties of interest as well as the elaboration and execution of specific climate-related events. Taking into account the strong regulatory and legal expertise practices of the company it is planned to place an extensive research focus on the regulatory harmonization in the sustainable development domain within the space of the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union as well as to provide clients with the relevant high-quality analytics.

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