Eduard Voytenko, CEO at Baikal Communications Group, in his interview with GR-News shared his views on the lobbying market in Russia, told about GR educational projects run by the company, and explained why Chinese communication market today represents a capacious niche for the development of Baikal Communications Group.

According to Eduard Voytenko, the sustainable development of the company in recent years is increasingly connected with the global “turn to the east.” A wide field of applied communication tasks derives from economic and political intentions.

Baikal Communications Group’s CEO believes that Chinese direction for Russian PR-companies can be very extensive, it “has enough space for everyone”, but only those PR-specialists who profoundly and professionally “understand China” will be able to successfully realize their potential in the work with the Chinese media field.

Speaking about the development of GR in Russia, Eduard Voytenko pointed out contradictions accumulating in the industry. On the one hand, lack of regulation and consequently insufficient financial capacity of the market. On the other hand, the lack of professionals inflicts no less damage to business and government relations than the absence of a law on lobbying. “Spreading best practices by the best practitioners is what the industry needs,” he adds, referring to the company’s educational projects. The improvement of GR communications quality in the current legal field can significantly increase mutual understanding between professionals and the credibility of GR-activities in Russia in general.

At the end of the interview, Eduard Voytenko spoke about the activities of the Lake Baikal Foundation, where he is the head of supervisory board. Read more about Baikal and participation of private philanthropists’ in environmental projects in full interview on the link.

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