On November 10, Eduard Voytenko, PhD candidate in political science, professional lobbyist, CEO of Baikal Communications Group and Edward’s East Strategies, scientific supervisor of the MGIMO training course “GR and Lobbying in Business and Non-profit Sector”, co-author of the book “Lobbying and GR. Concepts, functions, tools” delivered a lecture on “Lobbying: Features in Russia and Abroad” as part of the educational block for MGIMO Parliamentary Model 2022 participants.

During the lecture, the following topics were touched upon:

  • The role of lobbying in business support, society and the state development.
  • When there is a need to use lobbying technologies?
  • Lobbying influence spheres.
  • Approaches to the lobbying definition.
  • Lobbying as a field of activity.
  • Lobbying as a socio-political institution.
  • Are lobbyism and lobbying the same thing?
  • Lobbying vs. Government Relations (GR).
  • Lobbying in the USA and Europe: historical aspects and the current stage of development.
  • Prospects for the lobbying development in Russia.

The event was attended by 190 listeners and another 3200 students from different universities of the country were able to watch the lecture online.

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