Eduard Voytenko CEO at Baikal Communications Group expressed his opinion on the prospects for regulating lobbying in Russia at RBK live.

On the air of the program “ChEZ” Eduard Voytenko noted the necessity to create “rules of the game” for lobbyists but also emphasized that the community and the state are not ready for this yet. Currently lobbyists’ activity is somehow regulated by indirect federal laws, but there are still no worked out solutions for “legalizing” lobbyism. Mr. Voytenko is sure that correct regulation, in turn, will open the market, will help increase the actors’ transparency and increase competitiveness between them. Moreover, the financial capacity of the market will increase: Western corporations, for example, will be able to allocate budgets to Russian offices for the lobbying companies’ services, which in turn will give substantial tax revenues for the state budget. The legislative and executive branches of power will benefit from lobbying regulation too: lobbyists will become the fulcrum of expertise in the most sensitive industries, where the dialogue between the authorities and business is broken.

The program “ChEZ” is available via the link.

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