On August 6, 2020, CEO and Managing Director of Baikal Communications Group Mr. Eduard Voytenko joined the Society of European Affairs Professionals (SEAP). The organization unites on an individual basis the highly qualified specialists in the field of Government Relations that are engaged in the activity of corporations, trade associations, nonprofit sector, consultancies and other representative bodies.

SEAP was established in Brussels in 1997 for the purpose of advancing the norms of transparency between the EU institutions and international lobbying structures as well as promoting the Public Affairs’ expertise.

“Membership in SEAP envisages the adherence to the high standards of GR-profession, which originally I have been supporting all the time within the company Baikal Communications Group. The compulsory SEAP training on ethical Code of Conduct, which must be completed by all the members, is similar to the instructional program for all the new employees of Baikal Communications Group”, – Mr. Eduard Voytenko noted.

On a regular basis SEAP arranges the relevant webinars to enhance substantially the qualifications of experts and specialists in the sphere of Public Affairs. Besides, the association is conditioned to allow all the members to expand their professional contacts through the yearly SEAP’s events.

“Membership in SEAP, which coincides almost perfectly with the 5 years’ anniversary of Baikal Communications Group, is a manifestation of our views and predilection towards the permanent corporate evolution. Participation in SEAP’s work will become an indispensable component of our commitment to promote the GR-segment in the Russian Federation, which is currently executed through GR-school and interaction with MGIMO as well as active engagement in the activity of another global professional association – Public Affairs Council”, – Mr. Eduard Voytenko concluded.

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