Eduard Voytenko, CEO of Baikal Communications Group gave a talk entitled “Information support for the project activities of the Republic of Dagestan” at the meeting of the Council on Sustainable Development and Priority Projects of the Republic of Dagestan under the head of the Republic of Dagestan as a permanent member of the Council.

In his speech, Eduard Voytenko noted that continuous thoughtful and systematic work on a project requires a special approach to the information space activity. “A centralized project positioning system that combines information flows on all the seven projects at one information platform needs to be created. It is necessary to build a briefing system based on interaction with press services of relevant executive authorities of the Republic of Dagestan and information services involving the public”, said Eduard Voytenko. It will bring together the information on the projects and draw the population of the Republic of Dagestan into collaboration in all seven areas.

Among the seven priority projects of the Republic of Dagestan are “Economy Whitewashing”, “Points of Growth of the Republic of Dagestan”, “New Industrialization”, “Efficient Public Administration”, “Efficient Agribusiness”, “Human Capital”, “Safe Dagestan”.

The main ideas of Eduard Voytenko’s talk will form the basis of the instruction to be issued by the head of the Republic on the implementation of communication activities in the framework of the abovementioned projects.

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