Anastasia Tsvetkova, business development and international cooperation director of the company, has become the Curator of St. Petersburg hub of Global Shapers Community. Anastasia will develop projects to improve environmental and social conditions in St. Petersburg in 2018-2019.

Created at the initiative of World Economic Forum, today Global Shapers Community unites more than 7000 of young leaders aged from 20 to 33 in 153 countries and 368 hubs. The aim of each hub is to propose and implement solutions for the improvement of living in local communities based on Sustainable Development Goals. A person of any profession who has significant achievements in their professional and public activity can become a member of the Community.

Anastasia Tsvetkova has been a member of the Community for several years by now and in 2016 she was the only Russian Shaper representative at Summer Davos meeting in Tianjin, China. In 2018 the new Head of St. Petersburg hub was selected from hundreds of applicants for Top-15 Shapers who would participate in Sustainable Development Summit organized by World Economic Forum taking place from 23 to 26 of September in New York.

Anastasia Tsvetkova’s background in international communication, event management and ecological charity will allow to develop multi-faceted initiatives of the hub and to involve new Shapers. Her plans include projects on environmental protection in St. Petersburg, cross-hub sustainable development projects, hub members’ involvement into international events of the Community and World Economic Forum.

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