At the end of the year extraordinary for the Russian and international politics the community of leading Russian political consultants and strategists announced the winners of the Russian Association of Public Relations (RASO) prize the Hamburg Reckoning.

The prize known as the Oscar in political technologies includes a series of nominations covering different levels of political struggle in Russia and abroad.

The prize in category entitled “The best campaign of the opposition party in the elections to the Legislative Assembly” was awarded to the campaign of the Rodina party to the Legislative Assembly in the Tambov region. In the Tambov region Rodina showed high results (8.82%) that were qualitatively different from the party’s results in other regions.

Baikal Communications Group that assured the support of the campaign congratulates the Tambov branch of the Rodina party on this victory. It should be noted that Rodina’s campaign was carried out in a highly competitive political environment in the region, a real counter-propaganda and strong countermeasures from other (dominant) political forces. The success of the campaign is due to the efficient synthesis of leadership of Maxim Kosenkov, the head of the party in the region, and professional implementation of electorate mobilization technologies in digital space. Rodina’s campaign in the Tambov region was mainly realized in the Internet. This was in fact the last sphere where full-scale competition was possible: disproportionate resources of competing political forces and conservative agreements among the elites exerted strong pressure on the region. As part of Rodina’s campaign, mechanisms involving party’s promotion in social networks, promotion of specialized electronic resources, intellectual campaigning on all significant regional Internet sites were used in an integrated manner. As a result, this tactics of electorate involvement was proven to be efficient in practice.

“The regional office of the Rodina political party extends its gratitude to Baikal Communications Group for the development and implementation of promotion strategy in social media during the election campaign to the Legislative Assembly of the Tambov region,” said Maxim Kosenkov.

“In 2016, the Tambov region has become a “testing ground” for exceptional decisions of Baikal Communications Group to carry out election campaigns on the Internet. We address a demand for professional Internet-oriented political technologies that evidently comes from the establishment on the threshold of tectonic shifts in the political life of our country”, said Eduard Voytenko commenting on the campaign results.

The work of the Hamburg Reckoning jury deserves special attention and gratitude. According to the rules of the prize candidates do not initiate the application, therefore the best Russian political technologists really had to analyze a huge amount of data on regional, federal and international political campaigns of the outgoing year. Political technologies and political consulting love quietness, but public success cannot be silenced.

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