5 March 2019 CEO of Baikal Communications Group Eduard Voytenko held a workshop “Branch lobbying: methodology and GR technologies” in the framework of presentation of professional development program “GR and Lobbying in Business and Nonprofit Sector”.

During the event Eduard Voytenko shared lobbying practice of promoting the pharmaceutical companies’ interests in federal executive bodies in part of including the medications into the Vital and Essential Drugs list and the government procurement system.

By the examples of real cases Eduard Voytenko demonstrated how to use lobbying technologies and promotion tools effectively; how to analyze and benefit from the public records and inside data influencing the tactics and strategies of lobbying; how to build stakeholders’ coalitions to solve the task; how to create the maps of stakeholders and plan lobbying campaigns; finally, how to use PR tools effectively in GR and lobbying projects.

The workshop was attended by 80 participants.

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